The Smurfs 2

The Smurfs 2 DVD Release Date: Estimated December 2013

The Smurfs 2 is a new 3D family comedy film which will be released on July 31, 2013. The movie is the sequel to the 2011 film The Smurfs starring Neil Patrick Harris. However, this new installment will feature other popular artists such as Christina Ricci and J. B. Smoove.

In this movie the Smurfs will join forces with their human friends to rescue the lovely Smurfette, who has been kidnapped by their eternal enemy Gargamel. Gargamel kidnapped Smurfette because he wants to find out a secret spell that only she knows, a spell so powerful that will allow him to turn a group of creatures known as Naughties into real Smurfs.

Rated: PG
imdb Rating: N/A
Length: 105 minutes
Genres: Family, Comedy, Adventure
Official Website:


- Neil Patrick Harris
- Brendan Gleeson
- Jayma Mays
- Katy Perry
- Hank Azaria


- Raja Gosnell.

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